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Membrane Technology for America's Economic Security

The technological advantages of IMTL membranes have only begun to reap benefits to U.S. industry and energy producers and consumers.

Separation and purification of complex mixtures is a need in almost every industry today. Filters and membranes of inorganic materials offer cost-effective solutions for simple-to-complex separation problems. For more than 15 years, IMTL has been leading technical advances in membrane technology for the U. S. government. Commercial industries can now take advantage of this expertise.

Photo of Inorganic Membranes Versatile TubesVersatile IMTL inorganic membranes offer solutions to challenges in:

  • the oil and petrochemical industry, reducing production costs by capturing reusable by-products,

  • fossil fuel energy production, cleaning coal of impurities and improving fuel efficiency and air quality,

  • natural gas exploration, efficiently removing impurities and moisture,

  • pulp and paper manufacturing, reducing the amount of chemicals released to the environment, and

  • water clean up/purification, producing potable and process grade water for industry and municipalities.

Photo of IMTL Membrane Design TestingFrom R&D to commercialization, IMTL is THE established membrane separations laboratory. IMTL membrane designs are tested, both in-house and out, and then produced by qualified partners to bring this government-developed technology to the marketplace.

At our R&D facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, we can rapidly design, develop, and prototype membranes ideally suited to your specific needs.

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